Make your customer satisfaction grow


Customerhub provides a pleasant customer service experience and makes it easier for a customer service representative to work. Manage all customer conversations from one place and make your sales numbers grow!


A three-(Estonian Russian and English)-speaking automatic customer service representative working 24/7 with AI wisdom. Other languages will soon be added.


All customer service conversations come together on one desktop and provide an overview of customer communications.

Conversation window

There is an automatic answer function to serve the customer quickly.

Customerhub live analytics

Access to most popular analytics features

Access to data in the service center

A detailed view of the CustomerHub conversations and data. For example: top questions/topics, overview and detailed information about customer satisfaction score (CSAT), performance of different customer service providers vs robot, conversation length and content analysis (based on the most common keywords), tonality analysis, and more.

Integration with internal and external information systems

Customerhub is interfaced with existing company accounts with databases and services that help the robot a customer service representative can also quickly provide the correct information. Examples of internal information systems include CMR or e-shop
package tracking application or data site. If necessary we can connect to other data sources, including external data sources, to have the data necessary for customer service available and visible

Standard and Settable Reports

Use existing reports, modify them, or create your own reports according to the information of interest, for example, customer service load, topics, customer satisfaction etc.

How does Customerhub work?

Automation frees up human resources

Automating the process of answering questions helps to free up valuable human work time and allows them to engage in other, more productive activities. By automating activities, it is possible to remove the human factor from this equation, thereby enhancing work.

Control chat and customer service

It is possible for a customer service representative to take control of the conversation on an ongoing basis, should this be necessary. Managers will be able to get an overview of customer service work and results.

Wisdom is workable according to industry

Customerhub wisdom and knowledge allows you to automate answering to standard questions. Customerhub wisdom is workable, according to the company‘s field of activity.


Auto smart customer support


Lower cost of customer support


Of cases show improvement in customer satisfaction

What has been said

The PoC of the # bureaucrat chatbot, created by the NIS Group, partners and the state, demonstrated in a clear way that in the future services could be offered to citizens and businesses in a radically simpler way. The project created a strong foundation for the final development of the chat robot, and Net Group, as the lead partner of the project, played a major role in this success story.

Ott Velsberg

Head of data of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

Siim Lepisk

Head of Innovation

Does your company have an ambition to bring its customer service to a new level?

If so, we are ready to take a closer look at how Customerhub increases your business turnover and increases customer satisfaction.